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I want to thank the Alexander Martin Rowland foundation, and Becky in particular, for being the reason my parents found a carbon monoxide leak in their home.  Because of Alex's death, my parents installed carbon monoxide detectors in each bedroom, the main area of the home and in the basement.  

Approximately one week later my mom heard a beeping in the basement. She went down to see what it was and found the alarm reading:  "move to fresh air."  She had just had the heating/cooling systems in the house serviced.  She was frankly assuming the darn thing was broken and almost unplugged it and went on with her day.  But because of sweet Alex, and despite her embarrassment to take the alarm seriously, she called the fire department.  They arrived and confirmed a dangerous level of carbon monoxide in the basement.  All is well now and we are very thankful. 

- Elizabeth T

This happened about 6 years ago in Kirby, Texas.  I was in between jobs and so I was home the day my son called while he was on his UPS delivery route and asked me to go over to his home a few streets over and check on his family, because he had spoken to his wife and she said she was dizzy and very nauseous.  I immediately went over and found my daughter-in-law very dizzy and very ill, so I took her outside and I called 911. I went back into the house and brought out her two-year-old and four-year-old children. 

Within minutes the Kirby Fire Department and EMS had arrived and they got them started on oxygen and transported them immediately to the Southeast Baptist Hospital and they were saved.  Their Carbon Monoxide Detector was still in a box by the front door and had not yet been installed.

My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss of little Alexander.  When I found out about this happening to your family I relived the painful agony of this emergency that our family went through 6 years ago. My prayers continue to be with your family.

- Marilyn N



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